We'll periodically publish "excerpts" from Chiara Lubich's archive
  offering the possibility to be in contact with this extraordinary woman even today.


Forgive your neighbour the wrong done to you ...

Rome ("Città Nuova"), 25 july 2002

Commentary of the Word of Life:

Forgive your neighbour the wrong done to you; then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven (Ecclus. 28:2).

 This Word of Life is taken from one of the so-called deuterocanonical or apocryphal books of the Bible. It was written between 180 and 170 BC, by Jesus Ben Sirach, who was a wise man and a scribe, teaching in Jerusalem. What he taught followed a theme dear to the whole of the Wisdom literature in the Old Testament: God is merciful to sinners and we should imitate his way of behaving. The Lord forgives all our guilt because he ‘is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love’ (Ps 103:8)


Chiara's message to the '93 familyfest

Palaeur (Rome), 5 June 1993

God has truly placed so much wealth for humanity in the family.

My warmest greetings to all of you present at the Sports Arena in Rome, to all the families meeting in the 500 FamilyFest gatherings linked to us on every continent, and to all those who are watching or listening to FamilyFest.
We are on the threshold of the third millennium. The family, every family, can take a leading role in this new era. A masterpiece of love created by God, the family can be of inspiration in helping to change the world of tomorrow. (...)

Chiara Lubich



"Abba, Father!"

Rocca di Papa, 9 March 1989

A summary of Christian prayer: penetrating the heart of God

Dearest all,
Jesus was praying. He was praying to His Father. For Him, the Father was "Abba" and that is "Daddy", His "Dad", to whom Jesus spoke with words of infinite trust and boundless love. He prayed to the Father from within the Trinity where He is the second divine person.
It was precisely because of this special prayer that He revealed to the world who He really was: the Son of God.


The 16 July 1949 Pact

Montet (Switzerland), 15 August 2001

The “pact” is fundamental in Chiara’s experience. Today as it happened then it could open wide the Kingdom of God among us (Cf. Lk 17:21)

We are in 1949 and I write: “Five years had passed since the birth of our Movement and we had already understood and made our own several cornerstones of its spirituality, like God Love, the will of God, seeing Jesus in our brother or sister, the new commandment, Jesus forsaken, Jesus in the midst, and unity (...)



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The Path to Freedom

Marino Ice Arena, 12 June 1992

We feel that you are truly free. Something each of us would like to be.
What is freedom for you? How can we possess and experience it in today’s world where there are many dangers, many occasions to become attached to things, to people, to ourselves, to our pride and to our desire to do nothing?

Not only I, but all those who belong to the Movement are truly free.
Freedom is usually defined as the choice between good and evil. But I prefer another definition. Freedom is going closer and closer towards good. The closer we go towards good, the freer we are.