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Opening ceremony of the “Cause of Beatification and Canonization” of Chiara Lubich.

The transmission is available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

  We'll periodically publish "excerpts" from Chiara Lubich's archive
  offering the possibility to be in contact with this extraordinary woman even today.


Holiness as a gift

From Chiara Lubich's diary
Rocca di Papa, 10 may 1991

An extraordinary communicator, Chiara Lubich never kept for herself the spiritual enlightenments, the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, the ever new confirmation of the relevance of the Word of God. Her life was an open book that everyone can read.
With regard to holiness, Chiara did not keep to herself her inner experiences, efforts and intentions but she communicated them, as if to form a “system of spiritual pulleys that will hold up the world.” In her journey towards holiness she aimed at what is essential, what is in full accordance with the New Testament (“Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” Mt 5:48. “For this is the will of God, your sanctification,” 1 Thess 4:3) and anticipating what the Second Vatican Council will define as the universal call to holiness (cf. LG 39-42).
Her charism places emphasis on love as the way of perfection, a love that is gift. It’s this aspect of gift and “gift for others” that stands out from the very personal Diary notes written in 1991 that we offer here, chosen among many others.

I’m leaving for Brazil and the idea that dominates within me is: “I must become holy.”  
Yes, because I have a few things to work out before the “Departure” and the “Encounter,” that however will come about when God wants: the Statutes, which are practically done already; the regulations, which I’m about to conclude; the special graces of Paradise 1949 that we are working on.
But I must leave one more thing to the focolarini: my holiness. It’s necessary so that they may have a model that is worth much more than many writings.


Conferral of the Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy to Chiara at La Salle University

Mexico City, 6 June 1997

A foretaste of a new world in Jesus Forsaken and the Eucharist

In Hebrew-Christian revelation the world is seen as the creation of God, of a personal God, and therefore destined to have a lasting relationship with him.
Thus, the world has a value in and of itself as well as its own autonomy, which becomes effective in the history of that personal subject which is the human being who has been endowed with the gift of dialoguing directly with God and with other human beings. What is more, the world finds its eschatological fulfillment in the person of the Word incarnate and risen, the only You of the Father, who recapitulates all in himself.


The Contribution of the Charism of Unity to Ecumenism

Castel Gandolfo, 4 April 1997

An ecumenism of the people originated by mutual love ...

Veronica: I’m an Anglican focolarina from Great Britain.

Dearest Chiara, ... could you speak to us of the contribution that we can give to the full unification of the Churches?

Chiara: She asks about our specific contribution to the unification of the Churches. Our contribution should be seen in the framework of the whole field of ecumenism.


Without Excluding Anyone

Rome, 1969

Every person, whoever they may be, is worthy of our respect and trust

“If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink...’” (Jn 4:10).
Jesus does not stop to answer the Samaritan woman about the quarrels existing between Jews and Samaritans. His is a language which strikes, enraptures, transports from earth to heaven.
His heart seems to burst from his chest in its desire to give the best thing he has brought to earth: the gift of God. He wants to give two things to human beings: grace and the knowledge of He who gives this ‘living water’.


To Be Peacemakers

Frascati, 2 May 1982

Peace in the world also depends on me…

Jesus says: "Blessed are the peacemakers" (Mt. 5:9). Today with all these tensions between East and West, tensions between races, in certain countries between rich and poor, wars and terrorism and one thing and another, we have to be people who bring peace. Where should we begin? With, ourselves, with ourselves.


The Family

Christmas 1973

Christmas is a celebration of the family.
But where was the most extraordinary family born, but in a cave in Bethlehem? It is there, with the birth of a baby, that it started. It is there that, for the first time, in the hearts of Mary and Joseph love was released for a third member: the God made man.